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This workshop will start out with a short introduction to Heat, OpenStack’s orchestration component. This will be followed by a hands-on session where you will learn:

  • What OpenStack resources are involved in bringing an OpenStack based VM up and making it reachable (e.g. Nova instances, Neutron networks and subnets,
    floating IP, …)
  • How to quickly and reproducibly describe all of these resources in terms of a Heat template. This is a YAML file that is sent to OpenStack’s Heat service and that describes all resources that need to be created and how they relate to each other.

Along the way there will be plenty of deliberately introduced errors in the Heat templates for debugging practice, along with detailed analyses of what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how to fix it.

Note: this will be a re-run of the following workshop at the OpenStack Summit 2016:

You can find slides with a transcript and all Heat templates used in the workshop here:

While the slides and other materials will be in English, the audio track can be in German, depending on the audience.

Requirements to participate:

Like the instance at the Barcelona summit, this Heat workshop will again use an
OpenStack cloud provided by CityCloud. Access to this cloud is provided through
Hastexo’s E-Learning environment. Please sign up as early as possible
(preferably before the workshop’s begin) at

to register for the e-learning environment. You can either use a Google account
or register a local account using your email address. Once you are registered
and logged in, please navigate to

This will spin up your own lab environment which you can then access through a
web browser (Both Firefox and Chrome should work). If possible, please complete
the two steps above before the workshop, since spinning up the lab environment
takes a while. Thank you!


Johannes Grassler
SuSE Linux GmbH

Johannes Grassler is an active OpenStack developer, specializing on Heat and Magnum but also dabbling in other projects occasionally. He currently works as a Cloud Developer for SUSE Linux GmbH. Before that he used to work at SysEleven GmbH, where he built, operated and used an OpenStack cloud since 2014. He has been an a member of OpenStack DACH e.V. since its inception in 2014.

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