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The presentation along with live demo´s will demonstrate how to integrate openstack into the emc data protection Extension vor openstack using avamar. avamar is a Cloud-ready, source deduplication based backup appliance.

We will dive into the avamar Provider, Project and provisioning api´s, we will demo backup´s and restores with the integrated swagger ui, and will use powershell to manage Projects and Providers for backup.

We will shocase restore of instances / server in realtime as the whole integration can leverage cinder, we discuss how cinter Integration for snapshots and clones is used . with an example for ScaleIO

We will also touch storage persistence with cinder volumes on Software defined storage native german, the presentation can be Held in english or german


Karsten Bott

Karsten Bott is an Advisory Enginner at DELL|EMC. With 25 Years in IT, Karsten spend 2 decades with Microsoft Technologies. Karsten has a strong Focus on Automation/Monitoring of Cloud Stacks, Software Defined Datacenters and is Virtualization and Messaging. He is member of teh DELL|EMC Code DevHigh5 Team covering all aspects of DEV/OPS and OpenSource. Rather that using Python,his MOTD: Does it have a Powershell?

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