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IT infrastructures without automation are no longer feasible. Datacenters are modeled in config management systems. Clouds tend to employ service discovery. Container systems come with their own flavors of system description. However, the latter approaches forgo some of the improvements that modern configuration management has achieved over simple shell scripting.
A new tool, mgmt, is currently being developed and might just bridge this gap. It retains the descriptive, resource based model of modern config management, but it natively runs in distributed environments and converges whole clusters quickly, adapting to drift in real time.
This presentation demonstrates how mgmt can bring config management back to the Cloud.


Felix Frank
The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH

Felix has spent over a decade of his life managing Linux systems. Taking to Puppet as his favorite means of automation, he eventually joined the ranks of code contributors, learning lots of gritty details and internals. Recently, he found himself fascinated with the Go language and mgmtconfig, another spiritual successor to Puppet, and writes code that brings the two closer together.
A resident of Berlin, Felix rides his bike everywhere and maintains a skeptic view on the east part of town.

Felix works as a systems architect for The unbelievable Machine Company.

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