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OpenStack is available for companies through public providers or as a private deployment in an in-house datacenter. This presentation demonstrates the tools and methods available to deploy existing workloads into the „cloud“. We have several options for that, from the manual deployment to the automated PaaS solutions and popular configuration management tools like Puppet and Ansible.

The main question is: what are the pros and cons of these solutions? Which is the fastest way if we would like to move our workloads into the cloud, and which is the most reliable cloudish one?

I want to deliver answers both from technical and business aspect and finally do a quick Q&A to identify the key concerns of the audience.


Marton Kiss

Marton is an OpenStack Ambassador, founder of Hungarian OpenStack user group, organizer of OpenStack Budapest Day event and active contributor of multiple OpenStack projects. Marton has a background in the telecommunication sector, he was a CTO for a Telenor owned company and managed the operation and development areas in Central Europe and Asia.

Recently appointed General Manger of Aptira for Europe, Marton will oversee the expansion of Aptira’s APAC leading OpenStack and DevOps services business across the EMEA region.

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