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The OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC), established by Intel and Rackspace, is created to accelerate adoption of open source cloud operating system while supporting open source principles.

OSIC provides ready-to-use data center facilities to the OpenStack community for development and test.

This case study presentation highlights a scale-out test performed within a 3 week period using OpenStack Ansible Community based on Liberty with an SDN overlay network connecting 131 nodes running over 1,000 VMs.

Tempest and Rally tests were conducted to validate functions including high availability failure scenarios.

Join this session to find out more about OSIC and the SDN scale-out test configuration, scenarios, and results.


Justin Moore
PLUMgrid Inc.

Justin Moore is a Principal Solutions Architect at PLUMgrid specializing in developing Cloud and SDN strategy and architecture for the enterprise. Prior to joining PLUMgrid, Justin served as a Sr. Director for Enterprise Growth at American Express, establishing and leading the Cloud and DevOps functions.

At American Express, Justin led the creation of the Cloud cost model, Hybrid Cloud strategy, and PCI certification of the card processing environment. The adoption of the Cloud model led to significant cost savings over the legacy environment, as well as significant reduction in time to market for new business features through tight integration with the CI/CD pipeline.

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