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Hybrid cloud deployments for the most part rely on a least common denominator approach of abstracting the infrastructure layer and forcing limited use of the underlying cloud infrastructure, especially around compute. This completely defeats the advantage that open source cloud through OpenStack inherently provides, which is exposing all of the underlying APIs to maximize the use of your infrastructure. In order to achieve true hybrid cloud, and expose many of the more advanced features of the underlying infrastructure as well as mission critical services such as database, analytics, and LBaaS, you need to build a hybrid stack with cloud portability in mind.

This talk will discuss the current state of hybrid cloud and API abstraction, as well as how to deploy applications across all major clouds without having to compromise on infrastructure layer abstraction.


Nati Shalom

Nati Shalom, Founder and CTO at GigaSpaces, is a thought leader in Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies.

Shalom was recognized as a Top Cloud Computing Blogger for CIOs by The CIO Magazine and his blog is listed as an excellent blog by YCombinator, as well as the HP Helion MVP Award for his contributions to the OpenStack community.

Shalom is the founder and also one of leaders of OpenStack Israel group, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

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