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Openstack plays a major role in the NFV architecture. As many operators are going in production with NFV it makes sense to reflect to which extend the operator are planning to use the openstack features. This topic also touches the SDN aspect of Openstack in NFV solution designs.


Ulrich Ruppel

I’m a systems engineer, solution architect, and team leader with broad experience across both Windows and Linux, having worked with customers in both Europe and North America in industries as diverse as defence, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

I specialise in cloud, and in particular OpenStack and AWS, having recruited and lead a technical team of 12 to build the first pharmaceutical industry compliant OpenStack cloud. I have experience architecting and implementing web application infrastructures on AWS, including automation using CloudFormation, Heat, and Puppet.

Today I’m a Solution Architect at Mirantis, where my work is mainly focused on helping enterprise IT organisations understand “cloud” and Agile methodologies, and determine where and how these fit into their environments.

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