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The DRBD-based SDS for OpenStack was created and put into production by PROZETA (Czech) and DRBD’s creators at LINBIT (Austria).

The solution outperforms Ceph by more than 20-times providing the same or better amount of reliability and scalability comparable to enterprise scale-out storages.

Learn more about the motivation to use SDS based on the open-source technology backed by more than 10 years of development and with over 250.000 installations in various production environments.

Get an overview of the deployed technologies and be among the first to get insight into each of the components including DRBD kernel modules, storage stack orchestrator, Cinder driver, monitoring and management interfaces and software toolkit.

Explore with us performance numbers and learn about the challenges we were facing and roadmap of this new direct competitor of Ceph.


Philipp Reisner

Philipp Reisner is CTO of LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH in Vienna. During his studies of computer sciences at the Technical University in Vienna (TU Wien), he started to work on the DRBD® replication software that is in the meantime successfully used around the globe. DRBD got accepted into mainline Linux with the 2.6.33 release. Philipp is an internationally renowned OSS specialist, kernel programmer and eminent lecturer on high availability at international Linux events.

David Cermak

David Cermak has been operating for 10 years as Technical Director at PROZETA and significantly contributed to the success of company expansion to more than 20 countries worldwide. David is an expert in Ethernet networking infrastructure, data centers and their security. In his more than 20 years of experience he is likely to be met with most of existing technology in the field of networks, data centers and running applications – from NetBIOS, IPX and Novell Netware to MPLS, NGN and construction of large-scale cloud services. He was co-founder of community networks CZFree.NET. David is a consultant for several operators and service providers in Europe and, if needed he is able to give even a module into the Linux kernel.

Michal Nemec

Michal Nemec is Operations Director of PROZETA in Prague. Michal is an expert with more than 10 years of experience in cloud, infrastructure and content distribution services. He served various positions in the field including Operations Director of (first YouTube competitor in Czech, later acquired by, Operations Director at (biggest CEE file-sharing service) and SVP Online Services at Visual Unity (global multiscreen solution provider and integrator). Michal is focused mainly on project and product management, operations, customer service and new business development.

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